spring wishlist

2. maj 2016


For spring and early summer, I like to wear layers that are easily added or removed, and can work as an accessory at the same time. I use socks with shorts for that all the time and handkerchief scarfs do the trick as well. Besides that, I think white denim will continue to be a good choice this summer, and Soulland made this amazing option. Oh, and I really need to get my fingers on those Comme des Garçons x Converse high-tops (this specific pair). I know – they are not even new anymore, but suddenly I can’t get my mind of them.

JACKET: Soulland. SHORTS: H&M Trend. SWEAT: Comme des Garçons. SMALL SCARF: H&M. SUNNIES: Warby Parker. KICKS: Comme des Garçons.


Instagram lately

1. maj 2016

IMG_3044 IMG_3198 IMG_3211 IMG_3216 IMG_3224Hey, just a quick reminder to follow me on Instagram @Danskmode which I update more regulary than the blog these days. Also, for loads of small insides into my NYC everyday life, you should follow me on Snapchat, which has the same handle; @Danskmode.


Trend Spotting

1. maj 2016

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I’m repeating myself, I guess, but I must say that H&M’s Trend Collection is just getting better and better. I love the loose silhouettes, shiny materials, colour combinations and prints that remind of the time in the late 90s, when used to wear boxy shirts with dragon prints and Asian patterns.