weekly wishlist – go green


This fall deep greens will be all the rage in many of the most renowned designer collections. So why not invest in the colour already? Especially when there is some many cool things to choose from. Acne Studios has a chic yet toned down forest green selection of styles and brands such as AMI and Gucci both have accessories and clothing dipped in the earthy colour. Just remember not to overdo it, unless you want to be mistaken for a lumberjack.

PANT: Paul Smith.         JACKET: Acne Studios.         KICKS: Gucci.         SHIRT: Asos.         BAG: Adidas.

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let there be light


I decided to post more design and interior on the blog and wanted to start by introducing you to my newest interior crush – Brian Kirk Lamps. I’m always on the hunt for cool new lamps for my flat, but actually find it hard to find ones that I really like and can afford at the same time. I stumbled upon Brian Kirk Lamps at the designer’s tiny Nørrebro shop and immediately fell to the handcrafted lamps, so one of them has just moved in to my living room.

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prada pre-fall story

Prada1 Prada2 Prada3 Prada4

There is a three story Prada Store opening in Copenhagen in the near future and obviously I can’t wait! Until then I kill time by enjoying some of the many fashion spreads showing the Italian brands collections these days. The pictures above are taken from Wonderland Magazine showing Prada’s pre-fall collection. I love the mysterious movie-like aesthetic. Pre-fall is hitting stores these days, so I will have a closer look when I’m in London in June.

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Acne Studios ‘Frame’ Sunnies


Obviously a cool pair of sunnies is essentials in this lovely spring weather, and even though I have 4-5 pairs that are really great, I always find a new shade to fall in love with. This time it is the Acne classic ‘Frame‘ in a light brown-ish turtle colour. Amazeballs! I bought the black version 4 years ago and it still looks brand new. When it comes to sunglasses, it is a good idea to invest in a good pair, because there actually is a difference in quality and durability.

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Are you enjoying the bank holiday? I should be studying, but somehow can’t really pull myself together, so I took a walk and had some ice cream instead. Good choice, right? Also – I got to break in some of the spring styles I bought lately. The polo and sweat-shorts will be faves all season! Oh, and I cut of my hair and let my beard grow. You like?

SUNNIES: Cheap Monday.      POLO: Cos.      SHORTS: Wood Wood.      KICKS: Nike.

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