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Three Copenhagen Fall Activities


1. A bike trip through the city
Very soon it will get too cold to enjoy biking in Copenhagen, but right now it is perfect for a fall ride through the city. I live close to the Copenhagen lakes and love the trip from one end to the other, as the bike lane is filled with the most wonderful fall coloured trees. Oh, and have you seen my grey and orange Batavus bike? Yes, it matches the season.


2. Museums and gardens
Really you should visit Copenhagen museums all year round, but I think that a museum day is perfect for a rainy fall day (?cause obviously you won’t be biking in the rain). I like Glyptoteket for its exotic indoor garden with palm trees that make you forget all about the grey outside. Also, check out the indoor botanical garden. Perfect for a quick fix of green.


3. New local restaurants
In the summer Copenhagen is made for outdoor life with all the parks and festivals every other weekend. But I the fall, I prefer staying close to home and trying some of the new bars, restaurants and cafés that have opened up near by. Just around the corner from my place there is two or three new restaurants located on the right side of ‘Dronning Louises Bro’ that I have to try as soon as possible. I think the names are: Bar Next Door, Hanzo, Alabama Social.

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